Website Prices

Honest Estimates

We are not in the business of offering low estimates to get the business then finding reasons to put the price up later. We offer genuine estimates of what the work will cost.

Fixed Price Packages

If you want a set price so you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for, we do offer some set price packages (see the bottom of this page).

We have a transparent pricing structure. We're not the cheapest, but we honestly believe that we offer the best value you will get anywhere.

So what is involved?

Typically, the individual 'components' are:

Register your domain name (something like

Your domain name is the address that visitors use to reach your website or to send you email. Once you have registered this address, it's yours as long as you keep renewing it.

Many businesses also register similar names so that competitors cannot hijack visitors who mistyped (or misremembered) the address.

Details of Domain Registration from Hairydog

We register the domain name in your (or your company's) name. That way you know it is yours, and if you decide to find another supplier, you can take your web and email addresses with you. We also take care of renewals on your behalf.

We provide Domain Name Servers (DNS) for the duration of the registration/renewal period.

It is £10.70 per year for domain registration or renewal (for .uk, or domain names). Other types of names (such as .com or .org) are slightly more expensive,.

You may see domain registrations advertised more cheaply elsewhere: that's because they advertise a low first-year price, paid for by higher renewal fees and release fees: you'll pay more in the long run. We prefer to play fair.

Design your web pages

Working from the requirements you give us, we create a design that can be used (perhaps with some variations) for all the pages to give a sense of cohesion across the site.

We don't have a standard off-the-shelf design that we impose on you. We like to tread a path between what will seem familiar to your visitors and what will seem interesting and innovative. We make sure that our pages are fully compliant with web standards and accessibility standards, but are also easy to navigate and pleasant to look at.

Our designs are search engine friendly and responsive, to work well with smartphones and tablets as well as with computers. This is not an extra-cost add-on: it's part of what we include by default.

Copy edit and copy fit your content

This is a vital part of the process. We're happy to work with you to find the best approach. You may have all the content ready to go, or none of it, so we need to write it for you. Or (most likely) something in between. We can fit in with what suits you best.

Prepare and optimise your pictures

Good pictures can help a lot, but they need to be properly prepared if they are to load quickly when your visitors arrive. This is included in the Package prices for up to two pictures per page.

Host your web pages

We offer web hosting as a service to our customers, not to make a profit.

Details of Web Hosting from Hairydog

For standard web hosting on our own server based in York (no cheap servers in the USA for us: transatlantic hops slow your pages down), we charge £36.00 per year.

The web hosting market is full of chancers, offering hosting at very low prices, because they oversell their server capacity. The warning sign is 'unlimited' – that cannot be true, so their servers are overloaded. You'd soon discover how slow the results are! Many of them use cloud-based servers, so you don't know where your data is being stored.

If you register additional domain names to show the same pages, we do not charge extra for hosting them.

Our standard hosting package includes:

Secure Server Certificate as Standard

A Secure Server Certificate has two separate roles. The first one is to allow all traffic to be encrypted between the visitor's web browser and the server. This is vital if you are transferring any confidential information but is always looked on kindly by Google and by many visitors, so we now provide it as part of our standard hosting package.

In addition, a server certificate can certify the credentials of the server. This is simply a level of proof that you are who you say you are.

There are a few different levels of validation, some of which are 'reassuringly expensive' (AKA a waste of money unless you are a bank or similar). However, there are sensibly-priced certifications suitable for ecommerce sites. We can arrange (and renew) these for you at an extra cost of £50.00 per year per certificate.

Host your email box(es)

Although you can use your ISP's email service, or a free one from the likes of Yahoo or Google, we think it is better to have your own mailbox and use your own email address. This looks more professional, is more reliable and means you're not dependent on that supplier.

We offer up to five standard mailboxes as part of the web hosting package, but you can upgrade these mailboxes or add extra ones at extra cost.

You can have any number of email addresses associated with your domain name at no extra charge. Each email address can deliver to one or more mail boxes (or to elsewhere).

You can have all incoming email forwarded on to the email address you are already using, although some free email services (particularly Hotmail, Yahoo and have proved to be unreliable, so we don't advise forwarding email to them.

You can install an email client (such as Thunderbird or Outlook) on your computer, or you can use our webmail service to read your email. Smartphones and tablets normally have built-in email clients that you can use.

We're happy to help you find (and set up) the best arrangement for your needs.

Paying Us

You can pay by card, by direct debit or by cheque, but we prefer payment by bank transfer. Easier for you and easier for us.

We ask for part payment before we start work, with the balance when the site is complete.

Package Prices

The package prices include website design and build to your design brief, one year's .uk domain registration and standard hosting package for the website as well as up to five email boxes.

For static sites, the package price includes putting your content and images into the pages. If the content you provide needs editing or if you ask for changes, this extra work is charged at the normal hourly rate shown below.

Contact us

If you want any more information about our services and how we can help your business, please get in touch.
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